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Marco Maggi (Mon Oct 13, 2003) The link below points to a web page that's an excerpt from the documentation of [UWP], a TCL-only package providing TK mega widgets.

In the page I try to outline the model for a TK mega widget. It's still a work in progress, and there are topics that I've not even begun to consider (like creating GNU Emacs-like keymaps).

Nevertheless, I hope that it can be useful to someone and I, obviously, welcome comments.

My ISP has decided that to reach the page you have to turn on Javascript support in your browser, so he can spam you with some advertising. Sorry. I've noticed that downloading the Info version the spam frames do not appear, at least on my browser (the Info version is a plain ASCII text file, with some control characters in it, so you can read it even if you have no Info reader installed).


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