Updated 2011-04-08 23:35:33 by RLE

TR - Starkits are fun! This is a piece of code to explore the possiblilites of a writeable Starkit. It all ended in a quite usable program. It is the logical continuation of the script on Writing to Your Starkit. Thanks to jcw and all Tcl folks, this could be assembled in an afternoon! It uses a Tablelist widget for nicer listing and some more features than the prototype on the Wiki.

I called it TarKit because it is like 'tar'. But TarKit could also stand for Tcl ARchive KIT ...

Get the program as a starkit here: [1] (A README is here [2])

The program is like the unix utility 'tar'. It is a container into which you can add files. The files are copied into the Starkit and stay there togehter with the program code itself. So what you have is a form of a self-extracting and self-containing archive that is platform independent using Tclkit! It's all in one file.

Did I mention that it is cross-platform? But you already knew that ...

But there is one important question: Removing a file from the archive won't let the Starkit shrink in size. How can that be achieved??

Brian Theado - Try 'sdx mkpack' which is available in the newest versions of sdx (see http://www.equi4.com/pub/sk/sdx.kit/ChangeLog)

Feel free to comment, improve, and critisize.