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Hi, I'm a long time tickler who started using tcl/tk in 1992. In those days, a Linux distribution called SLS (Soft Landing System) came across on 28 floppy disks and I started thinking *nix!!! - Today I run Linux and Tcl/Tk on a Via SP8000E Mini-ITX system, which has an overall power consumption of about 32W, low enough to stay on 24/7!

My programming skills come from...

  1. 1980 FigForth / GW-Basic
  2. 1983 Forth83
  3. 1984 Turbo-Pascal
  4. 1984 DBase-II/III
  5. 1984 C (K&R)
  6. 1988 Smalltalk/V 286
  7. 1990 ObjectPascal (Borland Delphi)
  8. 1991 Smalltalk/V for Windows
  9. 1992 HTML/JavaScript
  10. 1993 Tcl/Tk on Linux-0.98 (SLS)
  11. 1994 Smalltalk/V Win32
  12. 1996 Perl
  13. 1999 PHP

Since 2000, I mainly work on database driven information systems with different user interfaces, made with HTML/PHP, ObjectPascal, Smalltalk, Tcl/Tk and PostgreSQL or SQL-Server as a backend.

(2007-01-04) I have given a little project of mine into the public domain. Please, feel free to participate on TclTalk!

[2011-06-10] Because of the Fukushima nuclear desaster, I wanted to see daily updated values for my Country, which is Germany. I found a picture on the web for this purpose and created TaeglicherStrahlungsBericht.

BTW: My given name is Thomas Braun (tb)

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Discussion  edit

sisusimple: tb, can we mail you somewhere?

tb 2009-10-01: Don't try the obvious. Don't combine my initials with the domain name of this project :)

tb: 2010-09-20 - Sorry. Nobody reaches me this way. Just address tb at the domain tcltalk.ath.cx.