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Konovalov Vadim, homepage at http://www.vkonovalov.ru

A person with tiny and weak efforts to help with building Tcl/Tk and Perl for WinCE devices, and to support Tcl::Tk module on CPAN.

I participate SF projects tcltkce (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tcltkce/) and perlce (http://sourceforge.net/projects/perlce/). I hope to rebuild perl for Wince sometime soon.

With a help of Perl module Tcl::Tk I use both Tcl/Tk and Perl scripting languages together: each of those is cool, and together those are damn cool. Even on WinCE device I write funny programs, screenshot at [1].

Recently I happily installed wikit wiki on my homesite, and was surprised how easy it was, and how much Wikit is way cool. So I have now several own wikit pages: