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chrestomathy: [1]
 An anthology used in studying a language.

The local language used in the Tcl chatroom is not standard English, exactly, quite. In some cases, standard internet slang is used, while in other cases the Tcl'ers have developed some of their own slang. This page attempts to be a guide for the newcomer.

  • .: Still here (when the chat server thinks you've logged out, but you didn't)
  • afk: Away From Keyboard.
  • badger: From The Badger Song [2]. Simply indicates that the poster is being silly.
  • bozo: From a remark in the chatroom that "anyone who leaves without telling us is a bozo," it became a convention to say, "bozo," when leaving. Later broadened to other famous clowns; Joseph Grimaldi, Pagliacci, Harold Lloyd, and Emmett Kelly are all popular to invoke.
  • cd arg: The chatter is engaging in another activity that probably will make them leave the chat. "cd home" = "cd ~" = going home; "cd bed" = going to sleep; "cd donuts" = quitting yapping and going back to real work.
  • donuts: From an old series of Dunkin' Donuts commercials [3], in which Fred the Donut Guy says, "time to make the donuts!" in various strange situations. Means that the poster will not be paying attention to the Chat because real work is calling.
  • Emmett Kelly: See bozo.
  • gentlebings: A typo for gentlebeings, which was being used in place of a word like "gentlemen" to avoid sexism or even speciesism.
  • Good TOD, good [clock seconds]: A greeting, equivalent to "good morning," "good evening." Used to acknowledge that the chatters are in many time zones.
  • Gnomes: The Tcl Core Team, from the term "Magic Tcl Gnomes", those that run around fixing and enhancing the core to better everything for the rest of us.
  • Grimaldi: See bozo. [ CL is apparently the only Tcler for whom the surname associates unshakeably with the Mediterranean family now in its eighth (!) century of rule between France and Italy. LES: No, that happens to me too. Actually, I had never heard of Joseph Grimaldi!]
  • Harold Lloyd: See bozo.
  • IIJMOISFST? Is it just me, or is SourceForge slow today?
  • kirchner: See bozo.
  • LP, |o|, |_P: Emoticons used for a cup of coffee, a meal (think of a fork, plate and knife), and a glass of beer, respectively. Indicates that poster is leaving temporarily to get the given item.
  • mushroom: See badger.
  • Pagliacci: See bozo.
  • re: "I'm back"
  • snake: See badger.
  • wikify, to: To put (some content) into the Tclers Wiki.
  • SAU acronym for Spousal Attack Unit. A unit of modern infantry distinguished by being in a long term committed relationship (see also perpetual low-grade conflict) with the interlocutor. Pronounced "Ess Ay Yew" in polite company, other pronunciations are possible.
  • >o_/ , \_o<: Ducks. Sometimes quacking, always happy .

See also the acronym collection.

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