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Many-to-many videoconferencing-over-IP application.[1]

EF AccessGrid is a rewrite, extension, and repackaging of a number of (originally) multicast-based audio- and video-conferencing tools. I am writing this more from memory than from true facts, so someone would have to check and fix appropriately this page if necessary. The tools at hand have been around for around 10 years now, in various different forms. These are [VAT], [RAT] (both two audio-conferencing tools) and [VIC] (a video-conferencing tool). Added to these, there are tools such as a distributed whiteboard, a conference announcement (and join) tool, a VCR, etc. These tools originate from a number of American and European projects, MICE being one of them (and one that I was involved in). They all use Tcl/Tk for the building of the interface and the gluing of all lower-level C/C++ components.