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Known in the Tcl Chatroom as schelte.

Tcl/Tk related projects I'm involved in:

My biggest project using Tcl/Tk so far is the complete reverse engineering and rewrite of the visual basic software for the HomeVision [1] home automation controller. In addition to running on multiple platforms, I've added some features that the original software was lacking.

I get great support from the President of Custom Solutions, Inc. However he doesn't like me to release the source code, so I had to use procomp to obfuscate the code. The project does provide plain Tcl plugins and allows users to write their own plugins. As a result I have already introduced two other homevision users into the wonderful world of Tcl. Hopefully more will follow.

The project can be found at http://hv.tclcode.com/

My homepage at http://www.tclcode.com/ contains some more Tcl projects.

Other Tcl related subjects I have dabbled with: