Updated 2005-08-24 15:33:34 by lwv

This is a Tcl interface to XPCom[1], Netscape/Mozilla's answer to Microsoft's COM.

This should enable one to do with tcl everything one can do with Javascript in Mozilla browsers.

It's available here: http://tclxpcom.sf.net

20040618 CMcC: I got it to compile with the following:
    ./configure --with-mozilla-lib=/usr/lib/ --with-mozilla-includes=/usr/include/mozilla --with-mozilla-home=/usr/lib/mozilla

You also need to add a line at the top of TclXPCOMPrivate.h:
    #include "nsDebug.h"

From there, it compiles perfectly well on my Debian box.

Given that XPCOM is supposed to be "cross platform," how would you build on Microsoft Windows?

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=255942#c3 gives some potentially good news. While it's possible to get tclsh running inside mozilla, with tclxpcom giving access to the DOM, XUL and such, it's never been possible to write <script type='text/tcl'> ... tcl script ... </script>, perhaps this patch will make it into mozilla, and enable that facility.

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