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Projects using, [ TCL | Expect | Perl | GnuPlot | TWAPI | GPIB ]

  • Using a slightly modified <wikit-akg.kit> [1], in CGI mode with Apache 2.0 [2] web server, as an abstract information database.
  • Logging BER, AGC levels and other parameters from Scientific Atlanta [3] D9224 PowerVu Digital IRD's
  • Talk to DS18S20 [4] [5] digital sensors to log Building temperatures and alarm on over-temps
  • Monitoring and logging status, levels and alarms from 300kVA THYCON [6] UPS system
  • GPIB instrument control with TCL Also, GPIB control with SciLab [7]


  • Scaling Down [8]
  • Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century [9]



CvK programs mostly with TCL/TK (of course) but, also likes using Perl and C.

Get TCL and Perl from ActiveState's