Updated 2015-03-30 09:43:20 by RLE

Purpose: identify a set of features that someone writing extensions would like to see included in Tcl (and Tk). See also Application Developer's Wishlist for Tcl and Application User's Wishlist for Tcl.

One guideline to help determine whether the feature is an urgent one or not would be whether or not the feature is currently available via an add-on or not. If available via an add on, then, in my mind, the urgency is lowered.

Urgent features needed in Tcl

  1. Clear, reproducable instructions and tools for writing extensions that compile on Windows and MacOS (and, even better, across all platforms)
  2. Agreed upon standard procedure for extended commands and easily adding in new commands ... aka major/minor or megawidget support

Needed (or useful), but not urgent, features needed in Tcl

  1. Agreed upon standard OO framework.
    APN I presume this is an ancient request because TclOO has been in the core for a long while and available for 8.5 as well.