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I am a Mac developer, mostly in Tcl/Tk. See my software page at [1] and my blog at [2].

In addition to several commercial products using Tk, Tcl and Python, I am one of the core maintainers of the Tk-Aqua port, and primary author of the Tk-Aqua FAQ at [3]. I am also the author of several open-source Tcl/Tk packages, both C-level and script-level, to improve Tk's integration on OS X. These packages include the following:

tkdock - manipulate the Dock icon on OS X

macsheet - custom sheet dialogs on OS X

tkmacicons - use Mac-native icons in an application

aquahig - sensible Mac-conforming defaults for some Tk widgets

tclgrowl - Tcl integration with the Mac Growl notification system

cocoaprint - Native Mac print dialogs

mactoolbar - Native Mac toolbar

prefstoolbar - Native Mac preferences toolbar

tclservices - Access to the Mac's Services menu

quicklook - Integration with Mac's QuickLook file preview

macnotify - bounce the Dock icon for user alerts

windowlist - implements a Mac-standard "window" menu item

tkwebview - parses and displays simple HTML

fullscreen - native integration with Mac fullscreen API's

MG A friend has recently built a Mac App Bundle for my code (since I don't have access to a Mac); your tutorials on your website were very useful. We've also added tkdock to manipulate the dock icon, as it seems there's no icon support for MacOS in the core yet - would it be worth TIPing the tkdock code to go into the core as wm iconbitmap on MacOS? (Possibly with a new wm attributes -badge for the other functionality.)