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  • what is bittorrent? - an alternative to ftp for high demand serving of files.
  • where is the authority web site for it? Google is your friend: http://bittorrent.com/
  • why would someone use it? - because the bandwidth available scales with the number of users
  • what does the tcllib code provide? - The only tcllib module so far is bee, which provides code to (de)serialize data from/to the b-encoding used by BitTorrent to encode the message exchanges by participiants, and also its tracker-files.

Bittorent clients are not clients in the strict sense; for fastest downloads, they require incoming connections from other peers. You usually have to configure your router/firewall to allow some ports to be routed to you. This is usually done by a web-based control panel on your router/firewall.

Bittorrent annonated specification [1]

  • Are there any tcl-based bittorrent clients?

Zarutian 13. may 2005: would it be a good idea to make an bittorrent vfs?

DKF 11-March-2009: Not really. They're not the same thing.