Updated 2012-09-08 16:23:28 by LkpPo

Purpose: Finds itcl objects and itcl::classes.
  package require Itcl
  itcl::class helloworld {
    public variable owner "No-one"

    method greet {} { puts "Hello World from $owner" }
  itcl::class goodbyeworld {
    inherit helloworld

    method greet {} { puts "Goodbye Cruel World from $owner" }
  puts "Classes available are [itcl::find classes]"
  helloworld  h1
  goodbyeworld h2
  helloworld  h3
  h1 configure -owner Me
  h2 configure -owner You
  h1 greet
  h2 greet

  puts "Class helloworld [itcl::find objects -class helloworld ]"

will tell you that h1 and h3 are objects of class helloworld.
  puts "Class helloworld [itcl::find objects *1 -class helloworld ]"

will report just those objects whose name ends in 1 (h1 in this example). GWM

You can also find the class definitions:
  itcl::find classes
  goodbyeworld helloworld

Shows the names of the classes defined above.