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Authors: Michael Doyle and Hattie Schroeder

Publisher: AP Incorporated

Publication date: February 1998

ISBN: 0122215400

Pages: 600

Price: 39.95 US

Available at Amazon.com: [1]

WWW book information: http://www.eolas.com/tcl/index2.html

Examples: http://www.eolas.net/tcl/examples/tclbook-examples.zip

Paperback with CD-ROM.

This is a learning by example book, for folk who know a bit of programming, but are not experts. It covers developing applets as well as stand-alone applications and simple server applications. The examples have been tested with both Windows and Unix. The book comes with the Spynergy toolkit, which adds a variety of pure Tcl/Tk procedures for distributed processing, URL retrieval, HTML rendering, database management and platform independent file managment, Ed, a Tcl editor and testing environment, an image conversion tool, a demo of Tk features, a client/server version of a rolodex application, a pure Tcl web server, a client/server push application, and a tcl web browser. The examples are based on Tcl/Tk 8.0.

MDD: This book is currently out of print, though you can still get used copies at Amazon.com. I may get time to do an updated edition sometime in 2003-4. The examples should work on all versions of Tcl/Tk, going back to 7.6/4.2, with few, if any, modifications.