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What: tweezer
 Where: http://lehenbauer.com/software/tweezer/ (timeout)
 Where: https://github.com/flightaware/TclTweezer
 Description: Experimental Tcl extension that exposes Tcl objects to Tcl.
 Updated: 12/2004
 Contact: Karl Lehenbauer, karl-tweezer at sc.com

male - 27.12.2004

if someone has already compiled tweezer to be used on MS Windows (XP), than please let me know! (I have no access to compile and linkage environments)


PT - 27-Dec-2004: I've put a Win32 binary of tweezer0.0 here [1] It is built with MSVC 6 and linked with tclstubs84 so works with Tcl 8.4/8.5.

male - 28.12.2004

Thanks! Have good New Years Eve/Day!

2007 Oct 09 Check out the teapot repository for a version as well.

escargo 6 Feb 2008 - This reminds me of a feature in SNOBOL that allowed examination of the internals of the working interpreter: The Window to Hell (TWTH). [2] [3]