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David Easton 05 Jan 2005

A simple game for practising:

  • Addition
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Tables
  • Number bonds

It is freely available from http://www.easton.me.uk/tcl/maths/index.html

DDG 2005-04-25

A version that also allows children to learn divisions is available from http://goblet.molgen.mpg.de/tclkit/Maths.kit

David, feel free to add my code to your original code!

DPE Thanks for the enhancement. Should the "divided by" sign be "÷" rather than ":" - I haven't seen ":" used for division before. I'd add "÷" for the UK. I'll add the division code into my original.

DDG Other countries other symbols. After you update your kit I will remove my link (until my son needs more ...). Thanks again. My son is now a champion in mathematics also because of your kit .... BTW: Have you ever thought of using this application to learn a language? Let's say it is looking in the current directory for files like: german2english.txt.