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My name is Uwe Klein living in Germany on the Baltic Coast.

Some remedies for my itches which might cure anothers itches as well;-)

  • GIN (raw version)

Inspired by Tequila a cross process and cross host IPC library using UDP Multicast from either Scotty or TclUDP

Looking for some files from olden times i had a set of DOS3.3 Backup Diskettes but only a linux system.

Little animation using tags

Rolling characterwheel type display

Bindings and procs to enable easy entry and editing of numbers

This is a simple client script and some server code that sends the gui script over to the client and then interacts with it.

  • [TclLibUsb]

http://libusb.sf.net wrapped with swig for using with tcl. This is rather raw. A tarball of my sources can be found at http://home.foni.net/~kuttersegeln/swig_libusb-20050616.tgz

As libusb is available for the Win32 as well it should be possible to make this into a generic package. unfortunately i feel rather alien in windows.

The Neo Freerunner is an OpenSource Linux based SmartPhone ( and my second try at having a smartphone after a palm device.

Raspberry: A little C helper to allow working with interrupts from the GPIO subsystem.

when ps is not enough. informations from linux proc file system

Poll for a fitting name

Accessing your application from the rear ;-)

Accomodate a removable GPS or ( as in my case ) a setup where all nmea messages pass into the main application.

A widget that appears as a "tuning dial" on a receiver or similar.

Use blt vectors to interpolate values from a limited datapoints curve. I've used this for linearisation / conversion of sensor data. usually by way of linking variables via variable traces.

Named Colors, lighter, darker ....

Testing and Preparations


[Toot_Mander] - 2010-01-14 19:24:31

Uwe did u live in Henley in the UK? PLEASE contact me [email protected]