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Author: [Eric Johnson]

Publisher: [M and T Books]

ISBN: 1558514821

Price: 34.95 US

WWW book information: http://www.pconline.com/%7Eerc/unixprog.htm

Errata: http://www.pconline.com/%7Eerc/unixprog.htm#Errata

This paperback`s focus is teaching one how to use Unix to do programming. However, a discussion of Perl and Tcl as interpreters is present, and the CD-ROM includes Tcl 7.6 and Tk 4.2, as well as many other pieces of software useful when programming on Unix (gcc, Java, LessTif, tkdiff, Cocoon, cxref, Perl 5.003, emacs, tkedit, vim, CVS, gdb/tk and other tools).