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What: MQL
 Where: http://emdros.org/mql.html
 Description: Emdros is a database engine for analyzed or annotated text.
        MQL is a query language for the database, and uses Tcl.
        Currently at version 0.0 .
 Updated: 02/2005
 Contact: See web site

Can someone fill in details here ?

Hi, I'm the author of Emdros, and I can fill in some details:

1) It's currently at version 1.1.21

2) It doesn't currently use Tcl

3) If anyone is interested in using Emdros with Tcl, please get in touch via http://emdros.org/contact.html and we will make it happen.


Ulrik Petersen

Ulrik, that's peculiar - because the first reference to MQL was on the above web page, and searches on google , etc. led me to believe that MQL used Tcl. So, I am mistaken? I apologize for the misinformation!

Hi, this is Ulrik again. It is correct that Emdros has a high Google ranking for MQL, but Emdros MQL is not the only MQL -- in fact, there are at least two other MQLs, one of which was asked about in comp.lang.tcl recently. That was an off-topic post for Tcl, however. Someone in the newsgroup pointed the OP to Emdros' website, and that's how the confusion arose.

Emdros is for storing text and annotations of text, and retrieving both back in interesting ways. It currently uses SWIG (<http://www.swig.org>) to wrap itself for use with Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby, and adding Tcl support through SWIG would be almost no hassle. So if anyone is interested in using Emdros with Tcl, as I said, please get in touch.

Ulrik Petersen Emdros maintainer

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