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Bibliography database processor often used with TeX and LaTeX typesetting programs.

TUG in [1] refers to [2] for online documentation.

BibTeX has been effectively abandoned at version 0.99d for over a decade, but its creator Oren Patashnik has been recorded saying said he is going to work on a version 1.00.

As a user interface tkbibtex [3] has been around for a couple of years. It offers convienient "pushing" of citations to lyx using the tcl-interface of the lyx-server. (joheid 05/22/2006)

See also BibTeX parser.

The referenced parser has been added as module to Tcllib. See http://tcllib.sourceforge.net/doc/bibtex.html for details.

There is a very interesting approach to parsing bibtex with Tcl in the citeulike plugins dir.

TkBib: LaTeX bibliography manager/bib file editor.