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George Peter Staplin Oct 25, 2005 - Megapkg is my largest project so far. It contains a lot of C and Tcl code that is evolving.

PYK 2013-10-08: megapkg_ref_2415.tar.bz2 Seems to be the only remaining download for megapkg.

The current sources (as of Sep 24, 2007) are available from here: http://code.google.com/p/megapkg/source

Most of these extensions work with Windows and Unix-like systems.

The current list of (useful) Tcl/Tk extensions is:

Image encoders/decoders (compatible with megaimage):

  • animngext - An animated PNG library based on my animng.
  • jpegext2 - Requires Tcl and megaimage.
  • pngext2 - Requires Tcl and megaimage.
  • tiffext - Requires Tcl and megaimage.
  • v4limage - A Video4Linux2 extension that requires Tcl and megaimage.

megaimage graphical display backends:

  • ntk - Used to implement NexTk as an alternative to Tk for low-level drawing, and window events.
  • megaimagetk - This provides the ability to convert to/from photo images and megaimages. It also has a megaimage.frame widget for fast image display with Windows and X11 platforms.

Misc. extensions:

  • bevent - Used by Whim2.
  • bserverext - Used by Whim2.
  • pwm.so - Used by Whim window manager.
  • structure - A data structure extension. See megapkg structure extension. This is used by NexTk.
  • sys.so - Used for applet IPC by Whim window manager
  • eventgen.so - Used for virtual keyboard widgets.
  • freetypeext - Used for drawing text with megaimage. See also: NexTk
  • waveext - A Windows-only extension for playing .wav files.
  • tfp - An extension for Unix-like systems that provides primitives for something similar to Flow-based programming.
  • speexext - A portable speex extension.