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CGI is an abbreviation for Common Gateway Interface. http://www.w3c.org/ is one body which proposes and approves standards for internet applications - see [quote reference] for CGI related standards.

Benny Riefenstahl: See the Apache FAQ: "Where can I find the 'CGI specification'?" [1].

In Tcl, ncgi is a module in tcllib that deals with CGI. Another useful package is Don Libes's cgi.tcl. ncgi, along with html-htmlparse, and later javascript, essentially factors cgi.tcl, while introducing namespace amenities.

[List other useful references - perhaps like Apache's mod_dtcl, etc.]

[I should make a point of explaining clearly that there are several distinct approaches to CGI coding with Tcl, including:

To the extent that CGI is used in the casual sense of "dynamically generated web pages, or forms handling, or Web application", there is also AOLServer, with its built-in TCL interpreter and database hooks, and nstcl, which is a TCL-only extension which has AOLServer's API to http queries and database handling, as well as a templating library.

As is Apache Tcl and Rivet.

Tclhttpd supports dynamically generated content, and also optionally implements the vanilla CGI API as one of its Tclhttpd Domains.