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Author: J Adrian Zimmer

Publisher: [IEEE Computer Society]

Publication date: 1998

ISBN: 0818685158

Pages: 560

Price: 45.00 US

website: http://jazimmer.net/tclbook/index.html

WWW book information: http://www.MapFree.com/sbf/tcl/book/home.html

Book's examples: http://www.MapFree.com/sbf/tcl/book/select/Scripts/

Errata: http://www.MapFree.com/sbf/tcl/book/errata.html

The material in Mr. Zimmer's course "Internet Introduction To Tcl/Tk" has been folded into this book. Covers Tcl, Tk, and the C/C++ connection. Both GUI and TCP/IP client programmer are given introductory treatments. Includes over 200 solved exercises which have been tested on both Unix and Windows 95.

Author says: Imagine an elementary text, comprehensive manual and collection of production quality scripts. The approach taken in writing this book lies somewhere between those things.

Sample chapters at the WWW book site include short introductions to Tcl, Tk, regular expressions and the plugin.