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What: Cost
Where: https://web.archive.org/web/20110830164639/http://www.flightlab.com/~joe/cost/
Description: Cost is a structure-controlled SGML and XML application programming toolkit based on Tcl, nsgmls, and expat. V2.2 (Jun 1999) works with Tcl 7.5 and up; V2.3 (Jan 2001) works with Tcl 8.2 and up. Current snapshots (circa 2004) work with Tcl 8.4, possibly still 8.3 or earlier.
Updated: 5/2004
Contact: Joe English

What: costwish
Where: http://www.venus.co.uk/omf/costwish/costwish/
Description: Generic graphical interface to CoST SGML/ESIS post processing tool. Written in Tcl/Tk and uses CoST-2. It is not an authoring tool, a DTD editor, a parser, a WWW browser or a typesetting tool. Executables for DEC Alpha, Irix, Linux and Solaris are available in the above directories as well.
Updated: 09/2002
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Peter Murray-Rust)

What: ExCost
Where: http://r8m70.cybercable.tm.fr/
Description: New version of Cost derived from Cost 21. Uses XML instead of ESIS files. Built with Win and Linux, Tcl 8.1a2.
Updated: 09/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Guy Bobenrieth)

What: TclYasp
Where: ftp://ftp.stg.brown.edu/pub/sgml/
Description: An integration of a conforming SGML parser with Tcl. Ity uses a simple procedure call interface rather than an object oriented interface like CoST 1.1.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (David Durand)

What: TEItools
Where: http://xtalk.price.ru/SGML/TEItools/
Description: Collection of Tcl and other tool scripts used for transforming SGML documents to various other formats. Currently supports HTML, LaTeX2e, RTF, PS, and PDF. Uses CoST.
Updated: 04/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Where: https://web.archive.org/web/20070814020817/http://www.flightlab.com/cost/ratfink/
Description: Library for generating the RTF formatted files.
Updated: 06/1999
Contact: Joe English