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The Simple Development Library, or SimpleDevLib, is a collection of packages and utilities aimed towards assisting software development in Tcl, the great language designed by John Ousterhout, and incr Tcl, the popular object oriented extension to Tcl.

Attributes  edit

Juan C. Gil
mailto:[email protected].

Documentation  edit

The Simple Development Library white paper

Description  edit

SimpleDevLib provides essential elements for good software engineering and/or medium to big projects development, such as a framework for regression testing, homogeneous, easily parseable, fully introspectable code organization, a type system, a framework for regression testing and object orientation.

SimpleDevLib is written in pure Tcl itself, so that no compilation is needed to run it on Unix, Windows or Macintosh environments.

comp.lang.tcl is the Usenet group for Tcl and SimpleDevLib discussion.

Change Log  edit

The Simple Development Library version 1.0
Third public release, version 0.5
Second public release, version 0.4
First public release, version 0.2