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Authors: [Paul Raines] and [Jeff Tranter]

Publisher: O'Reilly

Publication date: March, 1999

ISBN: 1565924339

Pages: 428

Price: 24.95 US

WWW book information: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/tclnut/desc.html

This book covers Tcl/Tk 8.0 (script and C APIs), Expect, incr Tcl, incr Tk, Tix, TclX, BLT, Oratcl, Sybtcl, and Tclodbc. It also has a 12 page chapter called "Hints and Tips for the Tcl Programmer".

It, along with BOOK Tcl/Tk Pocket Reference, are currently the only books at O'Reilly's with Tcl in the title.

However, O'Reilly's does publish the wonderful BOOK Exploring Expect which of course deals extensively with Tcl, as well as the Expect extension.

Let's not forget the BOOK Tcl/Tk Pocket Reference as well as the BOOK Mastering Regular Expressions and a few others like the books on xmh, beep, IMAP, and oracle.

George Howlett writes, "It's a great reference book. How great? Not only did the authors laboriously go through the BLT manual pages, but compared the source code too. You're right, there's no manual entry [for blt::winop, for example], but they documented it from the sources." (!)