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TV There is talk of a devroom again on FOSDEM's 2006 website, but no schedules yet...

From [1]: "FOSDEM 2006 will take place in Brussels during week-end Feb 25&26"

Maybe good to do suggestions for lectures/talks/demos here?

TV I plan on bringing a small (cheap) Xilinx programmable hardware board connected over a serial link with bwise/tcl scripting / control / testing (for anything between switching lights on and off and showing things on the LED display to even driving sound synthesizer blocks). And generally I'll also be showing my Open Source Analog Simulation Synthesizer unit on a table, and I guess requests for the xilinx or BWise (or other) lectures are OK.

Oh I just saw the listing of selected (?) lectures on the FOSDEM site: [2]

See also FOSDEM 2007