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Authors: Peter van Roy and Seif Haridi

Publisher: MIT Press

Publication date: 2004

ISBN: 0-262-22069-5

Pages: 904

Websites: http://www2.info.ucl.ac.be/people/PVR/book.html http://mitpress.mit.edu/0262220695 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0262220695?v=glance

NEM: An interesting book that covers a wide range of topics using modern programming language features available in the Mozart/Oz language. Topics covered include:

While there is no direct connection to Tcl, I'd recommend this book as a good general computer science textbook. In particular, the discussions of how to combine programming paradigms in a single language (something Tcl excels at) and techniques for managing concurrency are well worth a read (although event-driven programming is somewhat neglected). Makes a good modern companion to SICP.