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APN 2013-06-28: Finally figured the way to understand coroutine-based programming was (as always) to sit and actually write some real code. The result is the fiber package.

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From the introduction of the package (with some changes):
This package provides an implementation of "fibers" for Tcl. Fibers, as the term is used in this package, are threads (figuratively speaking) of execution that are co-operatively multitasked and use message passing as their primary means of communication, including channel-based I/O.
Fibers are implemented using Tcl coroutines and are compatible with any Tcl application model provided it runs the Tcl event loop.
Erlang programmers may find some similarity to that language's process model. That is not just happenstance.

[SimonJones] - 2016-01-14 00:22:18

Wow. I come back to a spot of Tcl after ten years or so and its coroutines, anonymous functions, tcl:oo ( which is just lovely btw ), futures ( how did I miss the comm package ) .... and fibers. Really neat. I look forward to playing with that in more detail.