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Horoscope or Pie plotter

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Introduction edit

A pie chart is a way to show the relative portions of the whole. Pie plots have been used to map the planets and constellations for at least 3500 years, although the latest extant horoscope is about 400 AD. Here is a stater on a horoscope chart in TCL.gold

Appendix TCL programs and scripts

*Pretty Print VERSION

    # pretty print from autoindent and ased editor
    # horoscope pie plotter
    # loaded on tcl wiki
    canvas .c    -bg bisque -width 200 -height 200
    pack   .c    -fill both
    proc pie {} {        
        set begin 0
        set beginx { 0 60 120 180 240 300 360 362 }
        set command   [list]
        foreach colorx {black red orange yellow green blue tan} {
            lappend command [.c create arc 25 25 175 175 -fill $colorx \
                    -start $begin -extent 60 -style pieslice]
        set begin [lindex $beginx 1 ]
        .c itemconfigure [lindex $command 1 ]  -start $begin
        set begin [lindex $beginx 2 ]
        .c itemconfigure [lindex $command 2 ]  -start $begin
        set begin [lindex $beginx 3 ]
        .c itemconfigure [lindex $command 3 ]  -start $begin
        set begin [lindex $beginx 4 ]
        .c itemconfigure [lindex $command 4 ]  -start $begin
        set begin [lindex $beginx 5 ]
        .c itemconfigure [lindex $command 5 ]  -start $begin
        set begin [lindex $beginx 6 ]
        .c itemconfigure [lindex $command 6 ]  -start $begin
        set begin [lindex $beginx 7 ]
        .c itemconfigure [lindex $command 7 ]  -start $begin


Programming References ( TCL )

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CLN - What, pray tell, is "horoscope pie"? I've heard of apple pie, blueberry pie, and even funeral pie but horoscope? (Less snidely put, pages full of code with no exposition at all (even in the comments) are a bit less than useful.)

[goldshell7] This was my first effort for the TCL wiki. The horoscope_pie_plotter.tcl has seized the niche of under-appreciation. All is certain that the petitioner of wisdom will catch up with the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, circa 1500 BCE. See Senmut's tomb for funeral pie (or horoscope pie plot).

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