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GS - Shade [1] is a 3D modeling and rendering software that is being developed for 20 years in Japan. Even if it is not very well known outside of its country, it gathers around 200000 users. Shade embeds Tcl scripting language since 1999 and it gives access to its API.

Here is a simple example that creates an UI to enter data and to render colored a sphere.

# Simple sphere demo with UI for Shade

# Variables: radius, center coordinates, RGB color 
set r 600
set X 0
set Y 0
set Z 0
set R 1.0 
set G 0.1 
set B 0.1 

# The UI starts here 

# Create a dialog box with 7 typed entries
append_float_dialog_item "Radius"
append_float_dialog_item "X center"
append_float_dialog_item "Y center"
append_float_dialog_item "Z center"
append_float_dialog_item "Red value (0..1)"
append_float_dialog_item "Green value (0..1)"
append_float_dialog_item "Blue value (0..1)"

# Initial values for items
set_float_property_value 0 to $r
set_float_property_value 1 to $X
set_float_property_value 2 to $Y
set_float_property_value 3 to $Z
set_float_property_value 4 to $R
set_float_property_value 5 to $G
set_float_property_value 6 to $B

# ask_dialog is true if we hit on OK button
if [ask_dialog] {
  set r [get_float_property_value 0]
  set X [get_float_property_value 1]
  set Y [get_float_property_value 2]
  set Z [get_float_property_value 3]
  set R [get_float_property_value 4]
  set G [get_float_property_value 5]
  set B [get_float_property_value 6]
  if {$R > 1.0} {set R 1.0}
  if {$G > 1.0} {set G 1.0}
  if {$B > 1.0} {set B 1.0}
} else {
  error cancel_dialog
# End of UI

# Create a tagged sphere with radius r at <X,Y,Z> coordinates
create_sphere at [list $X $Y $Z] r $r sphere_1

# set color to sphere_1
set base_color [list $R $G $B]

# Render the result

If you are curious and if you master a bit japanese language you can have a look to this script repository [2].