Updated 2013-09-01 23:25:12 by RLE

ConnectedText is a personal Wiki system with unique capabilities. It stores all your notes and their revisions in a SQL database. It also includes an editor with drag and drop, full-text search, a graph navigator which shows topic relationships. Text presentation can be customized with CSS style sheets. Images can be embedded in the text. It is possible to open (and search) several workspaces at the same time.

The graph navigator allows you to see relationships between your pages that you would otherwise miss.

The developers are unusually responsive to suggestions for changes and further development.

Now at version 2.03 with categories, dated topics, python scripts, ole automation and unicode implemented.


* commercial ($29.95) with a 15 day free trial * 5 MB * Windows only * Requires IE >=5

What does this have to do with Tcl? Was it written in Tcl/Tk?

No, but it has a provision for "plugins." So far, there is a plugin for Python. It might be nice if someone could write one for Tcl/Tk.

ConnectedText can now run tcl scripts.