Updated 2012-09-27 10:49:25 by LkpPo

Daily, someone drops in on the Tcl'ers chat to ask a question about Eggdrop. The person typically thinks it's a question about Tcl, because that's what he's been told. It's really about Eggdrop, though; as a consequence, the usual Chat crowd, which generally is helpful to a fault, goes silent, in recognition of its own ignorance. No one's upset, contemptuous, or dismissive; we just don't know what better to do.

The one thing that is better to do is to read the Wiki page on Eggdrop, and note especially that, as is written there, "please go to #eggdrop".

Is this Tcl the same as Eggdrop's Tcl? Yes; however, Eggdrop Tcl builds in special commands not known outside Eggdrop. Good Tcl programmers, therefore, can help with questions about syntax in Eggdrop Tcl, but often not about semantics.

Currently, the official Eggdrop web site is:


Eggdrop related downloads, documentation, mailing lists, and forums are all available there.

Are you a programmer? The Tcl'ers' chat has hosted quite a few encounters where both sides have frustrated each other. It might well be that we don't even know how to speak Eggdrop well enough to tell you what the problem is in talking about the problem. In September 2008, though, Colin proposed that, "Are you a programmer?" probably effectively summarizes a lot of the context. If you have a programming background, and/or are curious about Tcl, and/or want to learn more, you're likely to find The Chat a helpful place. If you just want someone to fix your Eggdrop, it's likely we won't be useful to you, and, based on considerable experience, it's possible we won't even understand each other well enough to hold a conversation.