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The Tcl core has supported TCP sockets via socket since version 7 or so, but UDP must be supplied by an extension.

See Also  edit

UDP in the Tcl core

UDP Protocols  edit

Trivial FTP

Tcl UDP Extensions  edit

The following extensions provide UDP support:
The normal package for standard UDP client/server programs. It is quite simple to use.
An extensive TCP/IP package which also supports UDP
An SNMP package with its own UDP implementation
Access to raw IP Datagram and thus to UDP
Communications EndPoints for Tcl
A few Tcl routines for manipulating network packets
UDP extension
a small and clean critcl-based extension written in 2011 by CMcC
Datagrams and Udp For Tcl

UDP enabled packages  edit

PT: The dns package in tcllib is capable of using udp if available. So are the time and ntp packages.