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Contents moved from Torsten Reincke page, because my name has changed (I got married).

Actually, I am not a programmer. And I have no formal education in informatics. No, I am a biologist. But: there is Tcl and I was always interested in programming and this is why I am here! (Note: My name has changed as of May 2006. After the marriage, I am now Torsten Berg ...)

Tcl is the first computer language (after having had contact to Basic, Pascal, Comal80, C, Perl, Java, REXX, Forth) I could use productively and do some real work with. Thanks a lot for this wonderful tool! It is so easy and so powerful, just like a bike: once you've learned how to use it, you have to use it all the time, because then you feel so free and so enthusiastic.

I have a homepage at http://www.typoscriptics.de (or more specifically: http://tcl.typoscriptics.de). I just started building it up, so there is not much to see there yet. But I hope to give my projects a home there, and perhaps it is of use to someone out there, just as I got so many useful script snippets from the Wiki and other places.

Contributions to the Wiki (new pages and additions to existing pages):