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info level indicates the current level, and can also describe the command for the current level.

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synopsis  edit

info level ?number?

Description  edit

If number is specified, info levels returns a list consisting of words of the command for the level indicated by number. A number greater than 0 indicates the level identified by that number. 0 indicates the current level, -1 indicates one level prior to the current level, -2 indicates the level prior to that one, and so on.

If number is not specified, info level returns a number indicating the current level, i.e. the level from which info level was called. 0 is top level, and each subsequent level is incremented by 1.

Discussion  edit

MGS 2003-09-09: info level 0 does not return values for optional arguments (if they have not been specified):
proc foo {bar {baz NULL}} {
    puts "info level 0 = \[[info level 0]\]"

# example1
foo abc def
# example2
foo abc

info level 0 = [foo abc def]
info level 0 = [foo abc]

DGP Correct. info level $level returns the substituted list of values that make up the actual command as evaluated.

To get values for non-specified default arguments, you have to do quite a bit more work using info args and info default.

This proc will print out info for all args in the calling proc (note: does not handle being called from global level).
proc arginfo {} {
    set proc [lindex [info level -1] 0]
    set which [uplevel [list namespace which -command $proc]]
    puts "proc \[$which\]"
    set i -1
    foreach arg [info args $which] {
        incr i
        set value [uplevel [list set $arg]]
        if { [info default $which $arg def] } {
            puts "  arg\[$i\] \[$arg\] = \[$value\] default = \[$def\]"
        } else {
            puts "  arg\[$i\] \[$arg\] = \[$value\]"

# test code
proc test {foo {"bar baz" "BAR BAZ"}} {

test abc
test abc def

hich prints the output:

proc [::test]
    arg[0] [foo] = [abc]
    arg[1] [bar baz] = [BAR BAZ] default = [BAR BAZ]
proc [::test]
    arg[0] [foo] = [abc]
    arg[1] [bar baz] = [def] default = [BAR BAZ]