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TkSQLite is a GUI database manager for SQLite.

Attributes  edit

latest version
SQLite version
2.8.17 and

Features  edit

  • A really nice GUI database manager for SQLite.
  • Written in pure Tcl/Tk.
  • Requires the Tile package and the dict package.
  • Uses Tktable and Tablelist widgets.

Description  edit

RZ 2012-05-18 11:56:47:

To start tksqlite with a database name on the command line change line 14708 from
Cmd::openDB [file normalize [file join $_startdir $_file]]

Cmd::openDB [file normalize [file join $::starkit::topdir .. $_file]]

Discussion  edit

PYK 2015-03-04: I don't see any broken links on this page. Why the "Broken Links" category?

AMG: My assumption is that the screenshot link was temporarily broken, e.g. due to a server being down for maintenance. I recommend moving the screenshot into the wiki now that it supports image pages.

TkSQLite-AES128: TkSQLite with AES 128bit encryption support.