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JM started this compilation on May-3-2007 for easy reference to such valuable material. Thanks Clif!

Clif Flynt wrote a bi-monthly Tcl/Tk column (The Tclsh Spot) for ;login: magazine [1] for a few years. Summaries and code from "Tclsh Spot" articles are online at: [1]

Main Link: http://www.usenix.org/publications/login/
Tcl Intro Apr 1999
Tcl I/O commands Jun 1999
Adding hypertext links and image display
to the htmlview.tcl package
Aug 1999
stock-quote-retrieving robot Oct 1999
HTTP Stock Robot Part I,regexp Feb 2000
HTTP Stock Robot Part II,BLT Apr 2000
BLT graph widget and Tcl's associative arrays Jun 2000
HTTP Stock Robot Part IV Aug 2000
Network Activity Monitor with a graphical display Feb 2001
BLT vector and barchart commands Apr 2001
Intrusion detection Jun 2001
Telnet Jul 2001
Namespaces Oct 2001
tcpdump Dec 2001
http Feb 2002
Tk Apr 2002
scrollbar Jun 2002
bindings Aug 2002
Generating Ethernet PacketsSWIG Oct 2002
Spirent Feb 2003
PacketsNamespace Apr 2003
Packets Jun 2003
Expect Aug 2003
Client Server Sockets Oct 2003
agent style of client-server relationship Feb 2004
Mobile Agents in Tcl Apr 2004
Fortran Jun 2004
Fortran Aug 2004
Canvas Oct 2004
Standalone executables with Tcl Feb 2005

JM 2014-2-20, Looks like, from the June-2000 publication and before, the content is still being moved...I could not reach those articles.