Updated 2012-08-27 23:30:07 by LkpPo

Well being a creature of enthusiasm, Hypnotoad tends to have a lot of ideas. Here are some that he's working on:

  • Assemble todo list (ongoing)
  • Touch up the /tcl page to be a bit more newcomer friendly: see TCL Elevator Pitch
  • TDIF - A general purpose database interface for TCL
  • ToW - Tcl on Way - Object oriented framework for rapid website development
  • Strategic Space Command killer app/fun introduction/fun to play game written in TCL to get the kiddies hooked
  • Design a cross platform scripting/C interface for USB devices
  • Rewrite Tao for Tcllib, as well as for other dbi backends
  • Port/Test wikit with Tclhttpd running under 8.4
  • Write new killer app: Gort, a general purpose thinking machine
  • Write new killer app: (Name Pending) - Open architecture virtual reality environment. Uses Tcl as an IPC backend and in-world scripting language
  • Maintain the Constant String Hack

AMG: Is this list up-to-date? I know you are working on some unification of various web servers. That should go on the list, though I leave it to you to characterize it properly.