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Purpose: Continue helping users who get the error message
    X server insecure (must use xauth-style authorization)

This page is devoted to those users who are using MacOS or PC, with third-party X server software.

WJR - Just curious, what's the connection to Tcl/Tk? Are there specific issues with Tk on 3rd party X servers?

Tk's send command relies on xauth to provide basic remote access security -- it will throw the "X server insecure" error if it's not properly set up and it receives an incoming send. Maybe 3rd party X servers just don't come configured properly for remote access. See [1] and [2]

What happens when you bring up your X server?

I get a little window in the center of the screen asking me to log into the host computer.

I get an xterm on my favorite host, or I have to launch clients from menus or dialogs.

Something else.

  • Post to the comp.lang.tcl newsgroup, and there are lots of people who can help. If you figure out what to do, by all means update these instructions! Or better yet, post to a newsgroup related to X windows.

Here's instructions from Hummingbird about how to set up xauth between Exceed and a Unix machine: http://www.hummingbird.com/support/nc/exceed/xauth.html?searchType=Basic&searchText=xauth&rank=1 [LV} Alas, that URL no longer appears to be valid - at least, when I follow it, I get what appears to be the front page for hummingbird AND when I search the site for xauth, the search reports no hits found.

Note that one may encounter a variety of problems when trying to run Tk applications on a Unix platform and displaying back to the Exceed X server (at least through version .