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Tcl Dev Kit Debugger, a component of Tcl Dev Kit, is a graphical dynamic debugger that provides Coverage Analysis and code profiling.

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the TclPro analogue
Tcl Pro Debugger version 2.0, by FlightAware
An upgrade of of the debugger included in the TclPro product version 1.5 released and open-sourced by Scriptics Corporation. A product of the FlightAware bounty program

Documentation  edit

official reference

Description  edit

Quickly find and fix bugs in Tcl scripts

Tcl Dev Kit Debugger is a based on prodebug. Features include:

  • breakpoints,
  • watchpoints,
  • source code viewing
  • call stack inspector
  • variable examination and watching
  • eval console
  • step-by-step execution
  • Evaluate single Tcl commands, or run to the current cursor position in the code.
  • Display variable values for all accessible stack frames.
  • Display full stack information and navigation around the stack and source code when the application is stopped.
  • Set line- and variable-based breakpoints.
  • Enter code to be evaluated dynamically when the application is stopped.
  • Interrupt code to determine execution status.
  • Communicate with remote and embedded applications.
  • Debug multiple processes simultaneously.

and beyond that:

The backend of this debugger also integrates with the Komodo IDE.