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WISH Command Center program launcher

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WISH Command Center 2009 is a simple program launcher written in Tcl/GTK+, requiring at least Tcl 8.5 (or greater, when there is an even greater version) and gnocl. Program listings can be easily added, edited, sorted, or deleted. Features include the following:

* Extended-mode listbox allows the user to select and launch several programs at once, or to delete several program listings at once, if desired.

* Auto-Add feature automatically detects numerous programs at start-up, and adds them to the selection list if (1) they weren't already on it and (2) they haven't been previously deleted from the list.

* Auto-Select feature allows the user to prepare a list of programs to be automatically selected when WISH Command Center opens up. The user can then run all of the pre-selected programs with a single click or keystroke (or not run them, if preferred).

* Friendly error message box appears if WISH Command Center can't find and run a selected program.

* "KILL" button can be used to bump off an unresponsive program.

WISH Command Center 2009 is available in a "tar.gz" package including the program, documentation, and a simple installation script for Linux/Unix operating systems, as well as a .PET package ready for single-click installation on Puppy Linux.