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 What: PDF Canvas
 Where: http://sarnold.free.fr/
 Description: A package that implements a new canvas-alike (mega-)widget
      showing the screen representation of an a4 papersheet.
      The programmer may draw lines, rectangles and text labels
      the widget can export as a PDF file.
 Version: 0.1 (in development)
 Documentation: http://sarnold.free.fr/spip/spip.php?article49
 Requirements: Tcl/Tk 8.4, Snit 1.1, pdf4tcl 0.2
 Date: 2007/09

A pure-Tcl package to produce print-quality documents cross-platform. (tested on Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu)

An example of use:
 package require pdfcanvas
 pdf::pdfcanvas .can
 .can create rectangle -fill #FF0000 -outline #080
 .can toFile /tmp/testarno.pdf
 pdf::print /tmp/testarno.pdf
 destroy .can

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See also Trampoline!, Snit, pdf4tcl.