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Summary  edit

A guide to using the The Tcler's Wiki

Please do not overwrite this help page - use [Graffiti] for experimenting.

Description  edit

Contributions are welcome! Please help to keep the wiki organized by trying to find a relevant page when adding new information. If one can't be found, feel free to create a new page.

The following help pages are currently available:
How to create your own page
How to link to a page
How to edit these wiki pages
How to edit Wikit pages with Emacs
Formatting Rules
for the text that can be entered in a page... see the bottom of that page for information on how to create new pages.
Wikit user names
how to make your initials show up on the edit & recent changes
How do Wiki Categories work
How to update a page
information about the system running this wiki
wikitcl bug tracker
this is the place to report bugs in this wiki system
See the difference between versions of a page
visit the page and click on the history link at the bottom (or side) of the page.
an RSS feed
of recent changes

Navigation  edit

The page title is a link that, when clicked, displays a list of pages that link to the current page.

Reverting to an Older Version  edit

If a page was spammed, or you want to undo an edit:

  1. Click on the History link for the page you want to revert
  2. Look for the version you want to revert to on the table with history information
  3. Click on the version number in the Revert to column
  4. Fill out the captcha
  5. You will be redirected to the editor page with the text of the selected version
  6. Save the page

Renaming a Page  edit

Sadly, this functionality does not exist yet. If you feel up to the task, please contribute some code

AMG: If only. There does not appear to be any way to speak up and get involved in Wiki development, to report issues, or even see the source code.

Deleting a Page  edit

To "delete" a page for the purposes of not having it show up in search results, replace the content of the page with a single space. To nominate a page to be purged, add Category DeleteMe to it.

Automation  edit

Various facilities have been proposed/implemented for making the wiki content usable in various contexts, including consumption by client Tcl interpreters.
Literate programming in a wiki
proposals for a hybrid wiki/literate-programming environment
extract and run scripts from wiki pages
extract and run scripts from wiki pages
a Tk version of wiki-reaper

[rovf] - 2014-10-04 14:13:14

Shouldn't we add a hint on how to contact the webmaster, in case something on this site is broken?

AMG: This [1] used to be one way to do it, but it is now read-only and therefore useless as a contact mechanism. I don't know if anyone is at the helm anymore, but if someone is out there, I would like to see the site issues resolved or at least put into a new database that can be updated. I nominate http://core.tcl.tk/ to hold the site server source, or at least the issue tracker, since its continued existence is assured and its functionality is developed and maintained by people among the Tcl community.

RKzn on 2016-03-26, asks how can we delete an image? (There has been a few spammy ones lately, the most I could do was replace them...

AMG: My understanding is that only an admin can delete an image. We mere mortals can only replace them with harmless or empty images, though the originals remain in the page history.

Casteele - 2016-07-16 21:36:58

"Spam"?! I've tried several times to edit or add comments to pages here, only to have it rejected as "spam". Is it possible to include a reason why something is considered "spam", and how to avoid it? I love TCL, and would love to contribute... But it's proving to be an exercise in futility and frustration because of this.

AMG: There has been a tremendous flood of spam lately. I don't know what spam filters exist on this Wiki or how they work, so I can't give you any advice on how to avoid falsely triggering them. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of the subject can say more.

stevel: The wiki spam filtering has become more aggressive due to the recent flood of spam. Unfortunately that means there have been false positives. Please report these to wikiUNDERPANTSadmin at tcl dot tk (remove underpants) describing the edits you have had rejected: the page title and text for new pages, the changes for existing pages.