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Ok, have a homepage than.

My name is Benjamin Riefenstahl, friends call me benny. I also sometimes sign with BR.

I'm located in Hamburg, Germany and currently free-lancing. You can reach me at mailto:[email protected] .

My experience with Tcl goes back to 1994 or something, when I investigated several scripting languages for our company and I fell in love with Tcl. Other contenders at the time were Visual Basic, AppleScript, Rexx (all more or less platform specific) and Perl (which I don't like because most syntax features feel very ad-hoc to me). Since than I have used Tcl for some major and minor projects, simple GUIs and lots of small scripts to get things done.

At the moment I spend some time improving the MacOS X port (see [1] and [2]). In the process I am also researching general shortcomings of Tk (bidi and KeySyms on platforms other than X11).