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        What: TclBridge
       Where: http://www.tclbridge.com/
     License: Commercial/Shareware
     Updated: 12/23/2002
      Author: Joe Mistachkin
     Contact: mailto:[email protected]
     Version: 1.8.1 (stable)
       Build: 5304 (December 23, 2002)
    Requires: Tcl/Tk 8.4+ compiled with threading enabled
 Description: TclBridge is a powerful component designed to allow seamless
              integration of Tcl/Tk and any ActiveX capable language
              (such as Visual Basic 6 and any of the Microsoft .NET
              languages). This component is fully multi-threaded
              and thread-safe (each interpreter has its own thread).
              Additionally, full Tcl/Tk stubs support has been added
              (build 5000+).  This component should work with any version
              of Tcl/Tk 8.3.2 or higher (including TclPro 1.4.1 or
              higher). Multiple Tcl interpreters can be easily created,
              used, and destroyed. In addition, there is a simple yet
              powerful facility that allows Tcl to invoke YOUR custom
              COM/ActiveX components. You simply specify the Tcl command
              name to add, the instance or progID of the COM object to
              call, the method name to call, and the "clientData" (or
              cookie) you want to receive when called by the specified
              Tcl interpreter. In short, Tcl commands are transparently
              mapped to COM method calls that you control in a fully
              reentrant, thread-safe manner. Command arguments are
              handled automatically either as one long string or as
              separate strings (can be toggled dynamically).

              Please see the official web site for more information and
              complete documentation in HTML at:
              http://www.tclbridge.com/html/index.html or
              Microsoft Compiled Help (CHM) at:
              Also includes the following:

              I. Full Tk support.

             II. Stable asynchronous evaluation.

            III. Special debugging support, such as the ability to use multiple
                 debuggers at once, such as Visual Basic and TclPro (a very
                 powerful combination) and other diagnostic functionality.

             IV. TCL2COM, which allows Tcl scripts to utilize any ActiveX
                 object that supports automation using TclBridge.

              V. TCL2ASP, a prototype component which allows easy integration
                 with Microsoft IIS using TclBridge.

             VI. VBS2TCL, a prototype component which allows easy integration
                 with VBScript.  Due to the limitations of VBScript
                 (MSKB Q197957), TclBridge does not work with VBScript without

            VII. Works with Internet Explorer 4, 5, and 6.