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Moni, by Rolf Schroedter, is a serial line monitor

Description  edit

Moni is a raw serial port terminal program written in plain Tcl running under Windows, Linux & Solaris.

Moni opens a connection to a serial port and displays incoming data in ASCII and/or Hexadecimal. It supports:

  • Serial configuration including handshake options
  • Sending of ASCII and hexadecimal charaters to the port
  • Send the contents of a file with repetition
  • Logging of all incoming data
  • Manual setting and monitoring of handshake lines

It's not a terminal emulator, but it shows the incoming data of a serial port in ASCII or HEX. The input may be logged to a file.

Using moni you may also send ASCII or HEX data over the serial port as well as send chunks of data repeatedly.