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Summary  edit

Ada is a computer language developed originally for DOD contracts. It has rather a lot of features.

Literature  edit

Building Tcl-Tk GUIs for HRT-HOOD Systems

Description  edit

During early development, the language was called Green. It is now named after Ada Lovelace


GNAT, which is freely-available and distributed as part of Gcc, is one of the major Ada implementations. AdaCore sells a range of products based on GNAT and also provides a free version. See Debian policy for Ada for more information.

In short:

  • GNAT part of GCC: GPL version 3 with GCC Runtime Library Exception
  • GNAT AUX, GNAT for BSDs, from DragonLace.Net
  • GNAT GPL from AdaCore: GPL
  • GNAT PRO from AdaCore: GNAT-Modified GPL (Not cost free)

TASH - TclAdaShell

Latest release: tash-8.6-0-20110925.zip {date 2011-09-25 size 263.2 kB} License: GPL with "Linking Exception" (Confirmed by Simon Wright)
sourceforge project page
the current page
older website
(index.htm is *not* the default page) TCL ADA SHELL An Ada binding to Tcl/Tk (8.4.1) 30-Jan-2003 :
An Ada binding to Tcl/Tk

Visual Ada Developer

Visual Ada Developer is a Tcl/Tk-oriented Ada-95 GUI builder. The GPLed version is here Leonid Dulman updated in mid-2006 includes a "Tcl script generator", and appears to be compatible with both 8.5 and 8.6. His Ada Developer Studio also interfaces to Qt, which has a very slender Tcl connection.