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LEGO is a product name relating to a set of plastic building blocks. While http://www.lego.com/ is the official trademarked site, http://www.lugnet.com/ is more fun.

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One popular product that has a Tcl connection is LEGO Mindstorms RCX Brick, a programmable interface to motors, etc.

See Ralph Hempel's pbForth:
What: pbForth
Where: http://www.hempeldesigngroup.com/lego/pbFORTH
All links broken 2012-11-19.
Description: FORTH programming language, with a Tcl/Tk GUI interface. See the robotics.rcx.pbforth newsgroup at http://www.lugnet.com/ for discussions, help, etc.
Currently at v2.1.5 .
Updated: 06/2002
Contact: mailto:[email protected]