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PerfSuite is a collection of tools, utilities, and libraries for software performance analysis where the primary design goals are ease of use, comprehensibility, interoperability, and simplicity.

PerfSuite development is driven by people who do performance analysis on a daily basis with a wide variety of applications. Therefore the emphasis is on practicality, robustness, simplicity, and utility in real-world, everyday use on platforms ranging from single-processor workstations to terascale clusters and beyond.

PerfSuite is written in C, C++, Java, Tcl/Tk, XSL, and JavaScript. The Tcl scripting language and associated Tk graphical toolkit provide a foundation for tying several independent tools together as well as a very convenient and stable base for rapid cross-platform GUI development. In addition to the core Tcl/Tk base, PerfSuite uses the following Tcl support libraries/packages:

  • tDOM
  • tcllib